LUCY Trailer (2014)

Luc Besson's movies haven't gotten much acclaim over the recent years and tragically his most recent discharge, Lucy, does nothing to change that truth. Featuring both Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, this film could be pretty darn extraordinary, yet it missed the mark at pretty much every obstruction. The film takes after the story of Lucy, an understudy who is caught and constrained into turning into a medication donkey when a bundle of another medication, Cph4, sewn into her belly. Her story gets ugly when she is brutally assaulted, creating the medications parcel within her to blast, discharging a lot of the medication, which expands the client's cerebrum capacity limit, into her circulation system. Lucy instantly starts to create capable mental abilities, for example, telekinesis, the capability to ingest data promptly and mental time travel in addition to everything else. 

The way that Lucy passed under the radar regarding prevalent summer film discharges astounded me from the start, yet on seeing the film, this astonishment immediately vanished. Whilst the plot is fascinating and there are some radiant enhanced appearances, the two don't exactly work together and the film starts to disintegrate when it starts. Regular of Besson's movies, there are various intriguing enhancements, and its visual nature makes it an appealing piece, yet the endeavor to join complex activity groupings with what could have been a multifaceted and canny tale about the limit of the human cerebrum brings about an obfuscate (a wonderful jumble, however a tangle regardless). 

Obviously, groups of onlookers needn't bother with (or regularly need) an extensive elucidation of the science behind these sorts of movies, however Besson doesn't even give enough data to help an essential understanding of what viewers are seeing. He leaves the gathering of people totally puzzled concerning what precisely is continuing for each of the 89 minutes of this film. 

One of the key issues in this film is the way that it appears to be simply excessively goal-oriented. In his 'Announcement of Intent', Besson contrasts Lucy with Nolan's Inception. Truly, Besson? This film appears lost and misinformed, unsure of where its going and what its attempting to be. At a few focuses through the film, the crowd would blast into delight, however whether Besson expected this is vague. I surely wouldn't characterize Lucy as a drama. 

While it starts with guarantee, with proposals of a complex plot in the vein of a genuine thriller, it quickly deteriorates into a huge number of inane activity arrangements reminiscent of Besson's Hitman. 

The film's just redeeming quality is Scarlett Johansson, whose execution is nuanced both when wrecking her adversaries and in the film's quieter minutes. Yet while the acting is estimable, without a lucid plot to help it, everything goes to waste. 

For sure, Lucy has gotten exceptionally blended audits from faultfinders since its discharge, however a ton of those surveys have a tendency to be along the lines of 'its superior to anticipated'. I would contend that that doesn't parallel 'worth viewing'. All things considered, Lucy could be an incredible film, yet its poor execution left me feeling confounded and disillusioned.