How to Withdraw Your Online Income in the Philippines

How to Withdraw Your Online Income in the Philippines

- Payza was formerly known as Alertpay.
- LibertyReserve has the lowest fees compared to all payment processors. If you want to save on fees, LR will be the best choice.
- Its best to have an account on ALL payment processors. Money making sites are paying on either one of these processors.

Most filipinos are hesitant to go into online jobs and internet marketing because of FEAR and DISBELIEF. Millions of my kababayans looking for jobs are missing out on so much opportunity the internet and online jobs can provide! Everyday I receive dozens of inquiries asking the same thing... "How do I get paid?" Now I will tell you it is so easy to get your online income. It may be complicated at first as a newbie but once you experience it and receive payments consistently, you will understand ITS SO EASY.

So here's how...

1. You need to signup for a PAYPAL and an PAYZA account. You might want to signup at LIBERTY RESERVE and SOLIDTRUSTPAY too. These are called online payment processors that are available for use globally. You can think of it as your online banks. This is where the online job sites you are working on will pay you in dollars. These sites are FREE to signup. You don't need to pay for anything and you DO NOT need a credit card to complete the signup process.

Most newbies are having a hard time signing up at paypal and Payza because they think that it is required to have a credit card. No you don't. All you have to do during the registration process is to simply skip or uncheck the part where Paypal and Payza ask for your credit card info.

Some newbies are also making the mistake of not putting the correct information. Again, think of Paypal and Payza as you online banks. Give accurate information otherwise you will have a hard time withdrawing your money if you placed fraudulent or falsified details.

Paypal/Payza will ask you what account type you want, just choose Personal, Personal Starter, or Personaly Pro. Any of these account type is OK.

Paypal/Payza will also ask for your phone number. I also get issues that newbies are getting errors when putting in their phone numbers. Be sure to type the country code (63 for Philippines) and area code (2 if you are in Metro Manila. Use google if you do not know your area code) first and then your 7-digit landline number. If you want to put your cellphone number instead, type the country code (63 for Philippines) and cellphone provider code (eg. 919 or 921 for Smart, 918 for Globe, 922 for Sun) then your 7-digit cellphone number.

Payza will also ask for a 4-digit transaction PIN. Make up something that you can easily remember. This is very important just like an ATM PIN. You will be needing this whenever you make a withdrawal at Payza so don't forget your transaction PIN or keep a record so you will not forget.

SECURITY ADVICE: Use a different password for your Payza, Paypal, Email, and all other sites you are involved in to avoid being hacked. Do not give your passwords to anyone else and change it from time to time. This is very important especially if you are already earning thousands of dollars thru your online jobs. Its better to be safe than sorry in the end.

After completing the registration process at Paypal and Payza, try to login using the email you entered when you registered. Take note, your Paypal Email and Payza Email is the same as the email you entered during registration.

When you have successfully logged in to your new Paypal/Payza account, you may see that it is still UNVERIFIED. You don't need to worry. That is OK. Just keep in unverified for now and just have it verified when you are ready to withdraw your first income online. If you want to have it verified asap, then you can easily do it using a VCC (Virtual Credit Card).

Now that you have a Payza and Paypal account, you are all set to receive payments from the sites you are working on.

2. You need to meet the minimum requirement to get paid on the website you are working on. May it be PTC (paid to click) sites, affiliate marketing sites, investments sites, etc. Get used to read the TOS (Terms of Service) and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on each site you have joined.

Usually you need to meet the minimum amount to get paid. Some sites require you be active for a certain amount of days. Some sites will ask you to upgrade and invest first before you get paid and profit. So as part of your learning, make it a habit to read the TOS and FAQ of the sites you are working on.

3. Once you reach the minimum requirement to get paid, simply request payment from the sites you are involved with. Usually you will see the "request payout" or "request payment" link in your account page. Some sites pay you automatically when you reach the minimum requirement.

4. The sites will then send you your payment in dollars to your Payza or Paypal account whichever you chose when you requested payment. Some sites pay you instantly after requesting payment and some sites pay you within days.

5. Once the amount is already in your Payza or Paypal account, you can just save it there and withdraw when you have accumulated a big amount of dollars or withdraw it right away if you badly need cash.

So how do you withdraw your Payza or Paypal dollars and turn into cold cash in pesos? The easiest way is thru a Trusted and Authorized Payza/Paypal Exchanger. Then depending on your agreement with the Exchanger, you can now get your cash at BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Unionbank Eon, Smartmoney, Gcash.

If you do not have a bank account yet, NOW is the best time to get one. The easiest application is Smartmoney or Gcash. All you need is a smart/globe SIM.

6. Enjoy your money and spend it wisely!