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Friday, May 17, 2013

Profit Gears - Passive Income - No Restart Feature!

The First Ever Program Of It's Kind! NO RESTART FEATURE!
Based Off A Proprietary Mathematical Equation!

✓ 100% passive program
✓ $3 per share
✓ Custom made script
✓ Dedicated server with DDOS protection
✓ STP, LR, PM and Egopay Accepted.
✓ No Sponsoring Needed.
No Re-Starts!


Purchase as many shares as you want. Your shares will enter:
Gear 1: Earn up to .5% Daily, till it shifts to Gear 2
Gear 2: $1.50 Instant Bonus PLUS 1 Free Share
Gear 3: 2% Daily for 60 Days (No Restarts Necessary)

4 tier referral commission platform:
1st Level: 10%
2nd Level: 5%
3rd Level: 3%
4th Level: 2%

Register Now:

For more details, contact me on facebook:

We are a niche advertising distribution center for bloggers and affiliate sites. Our premium Ad placements provide laser targeted traffic. Members receive Ad placements in our dynamically rotating banners. Ad purchases potentially earn through 3 gears of profit sharing. There are no membership fees or sponsoring requirements. Potential earnings vary based on your number of active Adpacks.

Our one-of-a-kind, queued gear equation was developed to eliminate any need for restarts. In the past, restarts provided the only safety net for creeping sales. At, when we say 2% daily for 60 days, we mean 2% daily for 60 days! As your adpack shifts through our balanced checkpoints, you can expect daily results. Our confident membership base has discovered a sense of security.
All Part of Preserving an Ideal Balance for You: 
To ensure a continuous shift in Gears, there is a 40% Repurchase Rule on Earnings & Referral Commissions. In other words, 40% of all earnings by members from ProfitGears go back to their respective Repurchase Wallet from where the members can purchase more shares.