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Friday, February 1, 2013

Jubirev - The Revenue Sharing Revolution

JubiRev™ is the marketing arm for JubiMax.™ Together we will Lead The Revenue Sharing Revolution. It’s Not Just A Company, It’s A Movement!
JubiRev™ / JubiMax™ Compensation Highlights

10 POTENT ways to EARN!
The ultimate Revenue Sharing Model allowing points to earn up to 105 days
First Revenue Sharing Model to pay Daily Rewards in REAL-TIME
REAL-TIME Daily Generational Bonuses
REAL-TIME Monthly Subscription Payout's
Generational Check Matching Bonuses allowing you to match the subscription incomes of tens, hundreds and even thousands
JubiSuite Team Placement System that Rewards the Right Behavior and fosters fast and powerful Team Growth
JubiStyle Car Club... with your choice of a BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche
Payouts to your JubiProsperity Card
And Much More….

Ready for The REVENUE SHARING REVOLUTION? Join the JubiRev Family...

It's not just a company, It's A MOVEMENT!

Join Now!

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