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Thursday, December 27, 2012

RicanAdFunds: Restart Is Not Required To Sustain The Program

What is Cashback Advertising? 

This is where the advertising company pays you to promote your product or program that you have joined.

But why should the company pay you to advertise your program?

This is because in the long term they aim to build the database of future customers who may also use their future products.

With the use of their program or system, you will be their target customers in the field of making money online. All the company also afford an advertising agency for promoting their product.
Is not it easier if members of Ricanadfunds be  the viewers of the products of the company?
This is what we want, can advertise our programs and at the same time, receive earnings from the company!
In future time they will launch again a new product or program. Then poof! RicanAdfunds is there, right away to Introduce target population for this.


Of course before we commit any money to the program or our company, it is our right to determine and investigate the background of the company.

We all know that the 2% daily earnings is too high to be sustainable for a long term program. Lets say your bank indeed can only afford a very small 0.5 to 2% per year.

So, a program should have a solid source of income from the outside to sustain and cope up with its obligations to its members.

Most programs tend to collapse because they depend only on the participating members.

Once the program stopped from getting new members, then there’s a chance that the program can no longer sustain its obligations to its members. In other programs, They do Profitshift to relieve liablities and make it asset.

Why there is no need for a "RESTART FEATURE"

Ricanadfunds is backed up by:
Rican Business Ventures is an established company in the UK and is owned by Richard Cannon

It is comprised of several directors and shareholders. Richard Cannon, Russel Chapman and Mitchel Tomogsoc are among them.
It currently has 7 companies under this umbrella. They intend to have around 25 companies by 2015.
  1. Rican Leisure and Travel
  2. Rican Health and Wellness
  3. Rican Financial Options
  4. Rican Professional Networks
  5. Rican Online Marketing
  6. Rican Capital Funding
  7. Rican Berlize
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